Young Spikes Marketers Academy

Inspiring tomorrow’s Chief Marketing Officers

Joe Talcott

The Young Spikes Marketers Academy is a special bespoke three day learning programme that is held during the Spikes Asia Festival. The Academy is targeted at marketers and brand managers, aged 30 years or under that work at client organizations e.g. The Coca Cola Company, Nestle, Cargills, Hemas or Unilever.

The Academy explores the importance of why creativity matters for brands today. The programme includes identifying trends, looking at the impact of digital, exploring how creativity can be effective and discussing the client/agency relationship.

There are a mix of dedicated sessions such as specially selected Spikes Asia Festival seminars and exclusive presentations. These sessions are structured around the following topics.

  • Why creativity matters for today’s successful brands
  • Understanding how brands are successfully integrating creativity into their strategies
  • Creative effectiveness-the measurable nature of creativity and why it has a proven impact on business.
  • The impact of digital – how technology has revolutionized creativity in communications
  • The modern brand
  • Managing the creative process – how to get the most out of your agency

Delegates will hear from creatives from organizations representing the worlds of music, film production and design, among others. Creativity is at the heart of all the sessions.

This Academy is ideally suited for advertising managers, brand managers, business development managers, communications managers, marketing managers, media managers or sales managers.

If you are interested in attending any of the Academies please contact us to find out more about how you could attend the Academy programmes

Please note that if you are selected to attend the Spikes Asia Academy programmes you will need to register for the Young Spikes Festival Package.

Sri Lanka’s Young Spikes Marketers Academy Students
Year Name Company
2013 Dilshan Perera Hatton National Bank