Winning a Metal for Sri Lanka – Young Spikes 2013

Dexter and I partnered for the 1st time back in 2012 for the local competition of the Young Spikes 2012, we became runner-up competing against 14 teams that took part. The next year: In August 2013, we paired up again for the second time to participate in the local competition, unlike last year this time we didn’t take it lightly; we participated with determination to WIN and to represent Sri Lanka at the Spikes Asia, in Singapore. And yes we manage to put up a great idea which took us all the way to be the winners of the 2013 local competition! As a result we were given the opportunity to represent Sri Lanka for the Young Spikes Media competition, in Singapore at the Spikes Asia festival of creativity from 15 to 17th September 2013.

The winning idea in the local contest that set us apart from all other participants revolved around creating conversations to effectively engage and interact with the target audience. The thought process behind the idea was simple; our brief was to develop a media strategy to bring wider awareness to the increasing incidence of child abuse in Sri Lanka, and to make it a part of the consciousness of mainstream society.

When analysing the brief, our breakthrough insight was the apathy towards the issue when the victim is personally unknown. As Sri Lankans, we are culturally known for our family values and thus, we wanted to make the public feel guilty for ignoring such a terrible issue. That is how we came up with our campaign idea of ‘Who Cares!’”

Based on the insights, we designed a campaign which went on the offensive. Instead of using creative material which called people into action or asked for some sort of donation, it employed strategically placed print and TV advertising, as well as other media such as digital, outdoor hoardings, which proclaimed that no one cared about the increase in child abuse cases.

Our next task was much bigger, Singapore was a great experience, not only did we participate at the Young Spikes competition but we also had the opportunity to attend the Spikes Asia festival of Creativity, which provided us inspiration in a dynamic setting with sessions from international creatives and business leaders.

The opportunity to experience the seminars and forums by industry experts during the Spikes Asia Creative Festival prior to the competition gave us the perfect opportunity to observe, learn and apply when presenting at the Young Spikes Competition. Among many interesting sessions, Ogilvy & Mather’s Worldwide Chief Creative Officer, Tham Khai Meng’s presentation on ‘Transformational creativity’ was a real inspiration for us, he explained the evolution of the creative thinking process and also shared some hints on future directions.

At the end of day one, we were briefed about our task, the brief was to create awareness and increase the readership of a flagship magazine of the non-profit organization ‘Humanity’. We had to present our plan in a short presentation (5 minutes) to a panel of judges the next day.

Our target audience was vast and worldwide with the limited budget we had to first come up with a strategy to reach the target audience without geographical limitations, So based on our insight of the main target audience of CSR leaders, philanthropists and social entrepreneurs, our core idea revolved around an interactive digital magazine for Tablets and Smart Phones, making the magazine all the more available. This enabled the audience to not only access the magazine from wherever they are and whenever convenient, but to also share the same with friends and family instantly through social media; thereby ‘Sharing Humanity’”

We proposed a ‘contextual targeting’ media strategy where we will reach the audience through banner ads directly to their Smartphone’s and tablets. Imagine that when you’re browsing a food-review on your iPad and you suddenly get this banner which says… “In Somalia every year 100s of children die of hunger” – Download the Humanity! How would you react? Will you ignore that banner and continue to browse your favorite food? Or would you think for a second and click on that banner which will take you to the Humanity Interactive Magazine.

We knew that we would have tough competition from countries like Japan, India, Indonesia, Korea etc. So we wanted to make it very appealing, emotional and that the message should strike the audience immediately and get them to think!

At the end we were thrilled when the results were announced; we had managed to WIN the Silver for Sri Lanka, the 1st ever metal for Sri Lanka in the Young Spikes Media competition.

It was indeed a huge honor to have the opportunity to compete with some of the best young talent in the Asia-Pacific region, and to be recognized from among them and to be awarded for our idea was truly gratifying. We are continuously exploring ways in which the evolving media landscape can be effectively utilized, and attending the Spikes Asia 2013 festival and competing in the Young Spikes Competition was a great way for us to expand our thinking and receive feedback from some of the most respected individuals in the creative communications industry in the region.

Our sincere thanks go to the Metal Factor the local representative for Spikes Asia for opening up this platform to us, and all our colleagues here at Ogilvy for their guidance, motivation and support.

Infas & Dexter

Infas Iqbal
Senior Digital Executive

Mike Dexter Shadrach
Senior Media Executive