Sahil’s experience at Spikes Young Creative Academy

Stimulating workshops, students swap stories & Singapore Fried Noodles

Sahil with Layla and Ranil

To say that Spikes was a 3-day packed event with great lectures, master classes and after parties would be similar to saying I don’t love chocolate….

Spikes was way, way more than that. It matched every expectation I had. And more ….

Profiled as a program tailored to the specific needs of creative students under 23, Spikes Asia lived up to its promise with a dynamic course mentor, Noor Azhar, the evergreen radio guru Tony Hertz, David Gurera& others. The classes spotlighted some of the finest creative work in the world & opened our minds to explore unthought-of avenues, encouraged us to zig where we had previously zagged.

Besides our own course we were at liberty to hob nob with the big wigs at the main Spikes conference, drool over the exhibition and witness first hand the brilliance of the awards shows.

What was unbeatable was the feeling that I was sitting among the next generation of creative power houses. My roommate could well win a Cannes Lion in the near future. Heck, I could win one, too.

The Young Spikes confirmed that creative growth is a process that never stops and I am now infinitely more inspired and certainly more prepared to face my chosen career with fire.

My deep thanks to Metal Factor &Ranil for making this happen.

Sahil Gunasekera