Indu & Chani’s – Winners Experience at Young Spikes 2013

Indu & Chani Receive Award

First and foremost it was an honor for us to have won the Young Spikes 2013 competition in Sri Lanka, to represent our country at the Spikes Asia 2013 held in Singapore. The support and encouragement we got not only from our peers at Leo Burnett, but also from many individuals from the fraternity motivated and prepared us for the big hurdle, Spikes Asia 2013.

Accompanied by Ranil, Crishy, Shivi, Marsh, Manoj, Eranga and the other delegates from agencies in Sri Lanka we felt comfortable, although we were nervous about competing against teams from the rest of Asia Pacific. Despite our brave faces, both of us had one question in our mind. A question almost all the young ones in the local advertising industry ponder upon; has Sri Lanka got what it takes?

Back home when we see high quality international work and the high standards of the global creative industry, we keep questioning our availability in resources; we question the effects of social, economic and even the political factors in the country which have a bearing on our creativity. Sadly such thoughts discouraged the young ad men and women in the Sri Lanka ad industry.

That is why these competitions held by Metal Factor in Sri Lanka are valued by the young local talent. It enables us to gain exposure to the global arena by attending international creative festivals. It boosts our morale and opens our eyes. It truly is an amazing opportunity that has been made available to us by the senior advertising community which helps young professionals like us to grow and prosper.

The value of this opportunity was further emphasized as we walked into the festival. The festival program included workshops, forums, seminars, exhibitions, training academies, award ceremonies and last but not the least, parties. Every single second we spent at Spikes Asia was about gaining knowledge and inspiration. This entire program was run by some of the top names in the global advertising industry and we felt lucky to be in the presence of these ad idols. It was also great because we were able to mingle and get to know other young professionals from around the world, with whom we had very interesting and insightful conversations. They were very friendly and made us feel comfortable.

This prelude helped us to prepare ourselves better to face the competition with confidence. The winning was almost surreal. Sharing the joy with people back at home was also very rewarding Sitting in the VIP section at the award ceremony added to our very surreal night. It sure was an unforgettable night.One of the highlights for us was watching the creators of ‘Dumb ways to die’ John Mescall, the Executive Creative Director of McCann Australia and his team stealing the night by going up on stage over and over again. We were overwhelmed when we realized we are going to be awarded for our achievement on the very same stage as them.

This victory is not our glory alone. We were blessed to be given many opportunities, to be taught many things and to be given many chances to experience world class advertising, by our amazing leaders Ranil and Chrishy. It is these factors which ultimately led us to being good enough to take on the world. Marsh, as a mentor did more than was ever expected of him. He stood by our side every step of the way and guiding us to victory. Without these pillars of strength, victory would have still been a dream for us.

This experience was truly amazing. We are extremely grateful to the industry at large for paving the path for us.The truth is this is not our glory alone. We hope that this success will continue. More importantly we pray that Sri Lanka’s talented ad professionals will continue to shine in global advertising arena. .

We are honored to have represented Sri Lanka and made our country proud. It is a moment that we will cherish for a very long time.

Indu & Chani