Heshan’s Experience at Spikes 2013

Experience at Spikes 2013 and being part of the Young account executive academy

An opportunity to go for a creative festival and that too being a part of the Young account executive academy isn’t something that comes around often, that said I was excited and intrigued to rub shoulders with the world advertising fraternity. As a Sri Lankan working in this industry I had a genuine lack of understanding on just how seriously the rest of the world ( South Asia for Spikes ) considered the discipline of advertising. If I could relate this to something, imagine the person who writes movies, tele drama’s etc its their ideas and creativity that is brought to light by actors and directors, we enjoy the movie for its acting and directing without really considering the creative genius behind it, the writer. Advertising is much the same, the world at large only knows brands and not so much the creative foundation behind it.

Hence I would say what humbled me the most during Spikes was the realization that I was part of something truly phenomenal in terms of an industry and after interacting with the characters at spikes I truly believe that advertising is an industry that shapes the world every day. I also got to know a great bunch of account management lads and lassies during the inaugural Young Account executive academy. Everyone was immediately brought together through the sharing of our pain. Turns out that clients, creative, bosses are as extremely painful to deal with around Asia as it is in Sri Lanka. While talking and getting to know each other we really did ask ourselves what the so called “marketers” really did. Finally, throughout the three days I got to know the issues and troubles faced by my peers across Asia and sharing this experience made me realize whilst feeling a tinge of pride that Sri Lanka is not far behind when it comes to doing great work.

Heshan Perera

Heshan Perera