Delegates Experience: Eraj Wirasinha

“Spikes 2012 was fantastic. This year’s event was bigger than ever and brought together the best creative minds in Asia plus a bunch more from the rest of the world. As always, the work on show was inspiring and really hit home the heights we need to aspire to in terms of ideas and crafting. There were also plenty of eye-opening lectures and seminars from industry leaders, including quite a few from legends of the business like Piyush Pandey. With lots of insights to absorb and experience to learn from, the most talked-about subject at Spikes 2012 seemed to be branded content. Though this is hardly new, advancements in the internet have made it much easier and cheaper to distribute original material, so it is increasingly becoming a brand’s weapon of choice. An excellent example of this is Red Bull’s recent skydive from space, which was streamed live on the internet and sought out and watched by millions. Apart from Spikes, Singapore, one week out from the grand prix, with its relentless malls and always-crowded hawker centres, was a welcomed change of scene – when you have a big bowl of fruit & nut every day, a little vanilla once in a while is nice.”

Eraj & Ranil

Eraj Wirasinha
Associate Creative Director
Leo Burnett Solutions Inc.,