2012 Young Spikes SL Integrated Winners

Niroshan and I had an exciting time that began in the local competition of the Young Spikes 2012. We were quite anxious if our idea was a little complexed, but thankfully our idea made it not only to the Agency Shootout (the shootout was by the way a first in the local Spikes competition) but also managed to win! Singapore was a challenging experience. The brief was to reduce the sale of endangered animal produce in Singapore, and their transit through the country. We had about two days in total, so we brainstormed hard into the early hours of each morning to ensure our core idea was exceptional. Hong Kong won for their interesting piece that revolved around following the sale of the Merlion parts. It was obviously somewhat disappointing that we didn’t win, but we received feedback and learning we probably won’t ever forget. We learnt that it’s not delivering a message interestingly, but creating a story that carries your audience through it, from beginning to end. And Niroshan and I both being writers, wanted to focus on an exceptional idea, our strengths in execution being minimal. We learnt, that a story is as enjoyable as how you show it, and executions, even for an idea heavy competition, is very important. On a personal level, neither of us had been in Singapore before, and it was quite exciting for us to enjoy the food, explore the MRT, meet relatives and hang out with close friends from the industry at the Spikes Competition. We also made friends with some of the other international competitors, and chat on Facebook. Many thanks to the organizers and the sponsors for their role in a fabulous learning and life experience.

Ashan & Niroshan

Ashan Bandaranayake

S. Niroshan

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