200 Best: Packaging Design worldwide 10/11


With four issues of 200 Best Ad Photographers worldwide, a title that appears every two years, and three issues of 200 Best Illustrators worldwide already to its credit, Lürzer’s Archive has now published 200 Best Packaging Design worldwide 2010/2011, adding to the successful 200 Best series – Featuring a total of 248 pages, the volume showcases examples of the best international work done in the field of packaging design over the past couple of years. This makes 200 Best: Packaging Design worldwide not only an extensive source of ideas for all those involved in packaging design but also a veritable treasure trove for marketers seeking designers able to extract that added value from a product.
As was the case with previous volumes in the 200 Best series, work was reviewed by a top-notch jury, who selected the crème de la crème out of a total of 4,732 submissions received from 55 countries.

Published work is divided into the following categories: Accessories, Beverages: Alcoholic, Beverages: Non-alcoholic, CD design, Cigars & cigarettes, Cosmetics, Fashion, Food, House, Miscellaneous, Office equipment, Pharmaceuticals & OTC, Publishing, Shopping bags

Look forward to savoring the world’s 200 best packaging designs for just €29.50.