200 Best: Illustrators Worldwide 11/12


Do not simply be content with any kind of illustration. 200 Best Illustrators is the perfect tool for those wishing to turn their advertising into little works of art. Numbering no less than 320 pages, this impressive volume showcases the world’s best illustrators in the following categories: Advertising, Annuals, Books, Brochures and Calendars and more. The latest edition boasts an excellent mix of familiar names and new talents. The cover of this new edition comes from India or, to be more precise, from Taproot India, Mumbai. The motifs for Transasia Papers were also awarded a Golden Lion at Cannes in 2010.

Just 71 illustrators featured in the previous issues managed to keep their place in the current 200 Best, and are now joined by 129 new artists. Selection was made from 1,139 illustrators with 6,075 submissions received from 69 countries. And there was a further hurdle to scale before submissions could even be considered. Only those nominated by an ad agency art director or a publisher were eligible to present work, which must have appeared within the last 18 months. Those who made it through this arduous process truly do merit the title “200 Best Illustrators.” For creatives and art buyers in the world’s top agencies, 200 Best Illustrators has since become a standard reference work that is a must-have on any art director’s desk. Launched in 2004/2005 with a run of just 10,000, the volume had a circulation of 20,000 by issue 2006/2007, and this figure has since risen to 30,000. Copies of the new edition are available now for just € 29.50