Delegates Experience: Dilshara Jayamanne

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If you watched Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris and chuckled at how Owen Wilson marveled at meeting Hemingway, Dali & the Fitzgeralds, then you could perhaps transpose the very same chuckle to how I reacted when I ran into a certain Mr. Piyush Pandey & the newly crowned Lion of St. Mark. The latter I saw talking to some other luminaries as I was strolling down the rue Antibes (coincidentally I was walking to the cinema to watch Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris which had opened the Cannes Film Festival a few weeks before). My reaction? I froze. No seriously, I did. I mean, it was Sir John Hegarty. And before you could say Vorsprung Durch Technik an Audi R8 almost ran me over (ok I made that bit up, but I did meet a dude who owns one). Did I talk to the man? Sadly no I was just a bit too awestruck. A week full of the most amazing advertising and wine. Later it was all over and I was walking into the plane, when the most glorious moustache I’ve ever seen (sorry Lorax) fell into stride with me. I introduced myself and he said ‘Win the first one and you won’t be able to stop ‘em coming’. So that then was Cannes. Brushes with Legends, Rides in Supercars and inspiration that leaves you with a hunger that just won’t be sated until you have a Lion to call your own.

Dilshara Jayamanne at Cannes

Dilshara Jayamanne
Executive Creative Director
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