2013 Young Marketers Hiruni and Lakshitha

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We created a new range of recharge cards. Out of the profit of the card range, we decided to donate 25% to the charity fund. Apart from this we facilitated the customers to donate money from their own mobile account. To trigger the customer for this, we prompt a popup message to the customers, where the customer would be able to transfer money from his account by replying to that message.

Further we wanted to minimize the impact to the business by this project. For this we needed to drive the company revenue higher. For that we decided to have a mechanism where, for each customer who collects the full range of cards, the company will donate Rs. 100 to the fund, on behalf of them. This will drive the sale of the high denomination cards, thus driving the average revenue per user higher.

In designing the card we wanted the agency to put an emotional, yet strong message on the face of the card, which created the appeal for the target group. The card would also carry a QR code, which will lead the customer to a dedicated website which would again facilitate the customer to further donate money.

Hiruni & Lakshitha

We decided to target women for this campaign. Because this program is about supporting education of girls. A woman/girl will always understand and empathize with another in a similar manner. Thereby our key message for this campaign was “Empower another you” which focuses on giving the opportunity for Sri Lankan women to come forward to support empowering another female.

In the feedback session, the jury mentioned that they were really impressed with our presentation. They said that it was so emotional that they were tearing. They mentioned the following factors which helped us to win.

• Firstly our proposal made business sense and it was sustainable and practical.
• Secondly they loved our concept, one woman empathizing with another woman.
• Thirdly, they really appreciated our confidence. For every question they asked we answered it with confidence.

We had a wonderful and a very memorable experience at the Cannes festival. We sincerely thank SLIM and Metal factor for conducting this competition and for giving us this opportunity to represent the country at an event of this scale.

We feel really proud and honored to bring pride to our Country. We will help SLIM in every way possible to help and support to groom the future Young Marketers of this country. We need to bring back the Cannes Lions Gold next year as well!

Hiruni Mendis
Asst. Manager – Media & Advertising

Lakshitha Wijesinghe
Product Manager –Enterprise Solutions