2013 Young Lions SL TV Winners

2012 Young Lions Marketers – Ashan & Dushan

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‘Feelings over Ideas’, friendships built over croissants, over hot chocolate, and on the way to a kebab shop with a Ghanian immigrant, foggy lights on the Riviera, sterile TGV rides with most disciplined dogs ( the quiet was great for Bible study for me), a shivering trip up a creaking Eiffel tower (Dushan is fitter than he looks), a man selling locks on the Seine whose long-lost son has eloped with a Sri Lankan (Sewandi I think she was called, but not sure), Adventures with Charith, Hiruni, Suchi, Asela and Lakshita (Charith cooks, Lakshitha is a patriot), the world’s smallest elevator (it stands three people perhaps), the A380, sunlight till 10 pm, Coke cheaper than water (the slanted glasses are exquisite), the boring award shows (good work- too much fluff), discussions where frankness makes refreshing guest appearances, nasty little pranks by old bosses. We are grateful to each one of you who was with us on our little adventure, and everyone of you who put in the effort towards making it possible. Particularly in this context, Metal Factor and Swarna. We love you more than we do the show!.


Ashan Bandaranayeke & Dushan Pieris