2010 Young Lions SL Print Winners

2010 Young Lions SL Print Winners – Shayani & Sam
Shayani & Sam

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Bonjour Cannes!

For people like Shayani and I, Cannes is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Just walking over to the Palais des Festivals was like a journey through the first few pages of Vogue magazine; Prada, Valentino, Jimmy Choo, Burberry, Gucci, along with some extremely good looking people. People in the south of France are really laid back and friendly, with shopkeepers always greeting you with a cheery “bonjour!”

The first day of the Print Competition was nerve-wracking, and I remember being instantly intimidated the second we saw all the other teams. There were 42 in all. The most memorable ones were the overly confident Brazilians, the cynical South Africans, the girls from Hungary who looked like supermodels, the guys from Singapore (one of whom went to college with Shayani), the guys from the UK who were inexplicably always in khaki, the Russian copywriter who eventually fell out with her art director, the guys from Belarus who were sporting enough to wish us luck before the competition, and the guys from the UAE, neither of whom were actually Arab. A rep from Adobe gave us some basic training in CS5 and then we were briefed on a print ad for a charity. We were required to work on CS5, and use images from Getty.

The next day was endless. We were stuck in that little booth at the Palais for nearly 12 hours, our mindsets seesawing from panic to apathy, and then back to panic. The mood in the competition area lightened towards the end as the teams hung around the printing room, waiting for our final pieces. Even though Shayani and I were pleased with our efforts, we didn’t win. Peru swiped the gold with a disarmingly simple ad, though I was more impressed by Colombia’s print innovation, which won them the silver. What surprised me in the end was our own competitive nature. We’d previously never allowed ourselves to think that we could actually win at Cannes, but when we didn’t, we were both unexpectedly disappointed.

To cheer ourselves up, that night we went to our first Cannes party organized by the Dutch Young Creatives. On our way in, one of the guys gave us glowing wristbands and asked us, “Did you guys win?” “No,” we replied morosely. He laughed, and said, “Ah, don’t worry girls. There’s always next year.”

Shayani Obeysekera – Junior Art Director
Samantha Weerawardena – Junior Copywriter