2009 Young Lions SL TV Winners

2009 Young Lions Sri Lanka TV Winners – Firzan & Lali

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Well if you have been in the ad industry long enough you know that every ad person’s dream is to claim stake to a Golden Lion from Cannes, Well if not that the next best thing is to visit the festival that dishes out these pieces of metal, which upon receiving turns mere mortals into legends.

Well imagine the emotions and sentiments of a young ad professional from Sri Lanka getting an opportunity to experience this mecca of advertising. We were truly lucky to witness this for ourselves.

When Lali and I joined the local competition it was purely for the “kick” of it. Nobody was expecting us to win as we did not belong to the traditional “creative” department in the agency, every other team had people from the creative department competing. We had fun and before we could enjoy the glories of scripting, art directing, casting, directing and editing our very own commercial we had won a trip to Cannes!!! And as if going to Cannes wasn’t a good enough reward, we got a chance to represent the country in a global competition.

It was a truly rewarding experience seeing ad legends walking the corridors, awe struck while legends peed in urinals next to you in public toilets!! Listening to them and hearing firsthand how they changed the way the world thinks feels and acts. We were truly excited every day of the event.

The competition was tough and the challenge kept us up every night, working late trying to do the best we could to make another winning commercial. (Well luck was not on our side at the global competition, Mexico made a brilliant commercial that was a truly deserving winner).

Firzan & Lali

It was France it was Cannes and it was a ball!! I am sure we were envied by the older folk in the Sri Lankan ad scene, they sure didn’t have the opportunities we had, they never got the exposure we got, We should be truly grateful to the people who conceptualized and executed these activities in Sri Lanka. The vision they have for the industry would truly bear fruit with the future generation of ad professionals in Sri Lanka.

Thank you Ranil and MetalFactor for organizing such an event, Thank you for giving us this once in a lifetime opportunity, Thank you for helping us realize our true potential. That trip to Cannes truly did change our careers and lives forever.

Firzan Mulafer – Brand Manager
Lalindra Amarasekera – Event & Activation Executive